(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Who is better on YouTube and TikTok? On social media platform Twitter, a war broke out between the users of both sides.
The entire country is under lockdown due to the Corona virus. Everything is closed from school to college to offices. In such a situation, the presence of people on social media has increased. Every day new trends are seen on Twitter. Sometimes the fans of leaders of two different ideologies clash, sometimes people criticize the plans of a product or government. But recently, a different topic was seen trending on Twitter.
This time on Twitter, fans of YouTube and TikTok split into two groups. Users of both social media platforms bombarded Meme’s on Twitter to prove YouTube and TikTok better.
After all, why did the war broke out between the social media warriors?
There has been a tussle between YouTube and TikTok fans for the past several days. YouTube users make fun of TikTok users and TikTok users of YouTube users. This joke grew when TikTok star Aamir Siddiqui made a video, in which he wrapped up the joke makers on YouTube. After this, the YouTube people also did not sit down.
On YouTube, a video was released from an account named Carrie Minati, in which the ‘blows off’ of the ticket holders. This video went viral. This video reached millions of people. By the time the news was written, more than 43 million people have watched this video of Carryminnati in two days. At the same time, more than 4 crore people liked his video.
After this war started on Twitter. Thousands of people shared their anger on each other by sharing mimes. As a result, the trend of Twitter was dominated by TikTok, YouTube, and Skirts.

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