Lord Buddha was born in 560 B.C. in a place named Lumbini in Kapil Vastu situated in Nepal, 560 B.C. His father’s name was Suddhodhan and mother’s name was Maya Devi.

 Buddha Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Vaisakha Purnima. This year, Buddha Jayanti is on 7th May which is called as Buddha Purnima. This festival is one of the biggest festivals of Buddhism and Hinduism.

 Lord Buddha is known as 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On this day, there is a supposition to worship lord Vishnu with Lord Buddha.

 History of Buddha Jayanti-

 His father’s name was Suddhodhan who was the head of Shakya Hana and his mother’s name was Maya Devi. His mother died When Siddhartha, his childhood name, was merely 7 years old. After then, he was brought up by his step-mother Prajapati Gautam.

Lord Buddha had given his first sermon at Sarnath.

He became a monk at the age of merely 29 and underwent a rigorous austerity for 6 years under a peepal tree in Bodh Gaya.

After then, he attained true knowledge on the day of Vaishakh Purnima. The peepal tree under which he attained knowledge is known as the Bodhi tree. This place is located in Gaya District of Bihar state at the time. Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath. He was merged into quintessence on the day of Vaishakh Purnima in 483 BC. This day is also called as Parinivarn Day.

Importance of Buddha Purnima-

This festival holds a special significance for the followers of Buddha. On this day, people celebrate the festival by lighting lamps in their homes.

Lord Buddha’s life saga and preaching’s are heard in temples and monasteries. Since this festival is celebrated on Vaishakh Purnima, so on this day people do bath and meditate in holy rivers. However, due to Lockdown, people are celebrating Buddha Purnima in their homes.

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