(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): US President Donald Trump has called the India-US partnership important in the fight against Corona. Trump said on Friday that he is proud to announce that America will donate some ventilators to its friend India. He also said that we are standing with India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in times of this epidemic and are also collaborating towards developing a corona vaccine together. 

Trump told the media at the White House Rose Garden on Friday -” I have recently returned from India. And Prime minister Modi is a good friend of mine. “

India sent a consignment of hydroxychloroquine in April

In April, India sent a large consignment of hydroxychloroquine to help America in the fight against Corona. After this, Trump had praised Modi’s leadership as strong and thanked India.

Vaccine to be available free to public: Trump

Trump said we are considering making the Corona vaccine available to the public for free. It can be developed by the end of this year. A new campaign called ‘Operation Warp Speed’ has been launched to develop the vaccine. ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is tasked to make the vaccine by the end of this year. So that by January 2021 it can be reached to the people.

He said that the vaccine is expected to be developed by the end of this year. Generally, pharmaceutical companies make a vaccine only after getting all the necessary approvals, which takes a lot of time. Our government will also spend on research and teams developing vaccines. I will also get all the approvals.

‘Hope to make vaccine by 2020’

Monsef Saloi, former head of the vaccine division of the UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, said that recently seen data on the initial results of a clinical trial with a coronavirus vaccine has given him confidence that vaccine would be ready by the end of 2020.

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