(Juhi Aishwarya Intern Journalist)
Vijayawada: The train left for Maharashtra on Tuesday with 1,212 migrant workers stranded in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. A special train has been arranged by the government to bring the migrant laborers to their state. The train departed from Rayanapadu Railway Station near Vijayawada (Rayanapadu Railway Station) on Tuesday, carrying more than one thousand workers. This train departed from Chandrapur at 3.30 a.m. on Tuesday. These migrant laborers were brought to the railway station in 48 buses. There were 25 workers aboard a bus so that the laws of physical distance could be followed.

The third time the lockdown time was extended to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection but travel restrictions are still in force. Due to this lockdown, authorization has been given by the government to send migrant workers trapped in other states to their homes. Under this, special trains have been arranged for these migrants in every state.

Joint Collector Madhavi Lata of Krishna district said, ‘There are about 6,000 migrant workers in Krishna district. Workers from Chandrapur and Gadchiroli work in the chili fields of Gampalagudem village. They were given food while leaving the village, and after reaching the railway station, sanitizers and masks were also provided along with food. This information was given by Vijay Dhyan sub-collector AM Dhyanchandra.

He said, ‘Keeping in mind the required aloofness, only 50 people were kept in a compartment. This is the first train from Andhra Pradesh carrying migrant laborers. This work was completed with the cooperation of Revenue, Police, Divisional Council Development Officer, and Railway human resources. It is worth mentioning that the worst situation due to the lockdown in the country due to the deadly virus pandemic is that of the workers, even those who are away from their homes in other states.

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