(Kajal Singh intern journalist): After the Sion Hospital in Mumbai, this video of Rajawadi Hospital has come out, where the dead body of the corona patient is kept in the middle of the patients. After the first video came out, the Maharashtra government had spoken of taking strict steps against such hospitals.

Mumbai: After Mumbai’s Sion Hospital, a video has surfaced of the dead body of a corona patient among patients at Rajawadi Hospital in Mumbai. Maharashtra’s leader Nitesh Rane has tweeted this video and exposed the chaos in Rajawadi Hospital.

It is seen in the video, a dead body is wrapped in plastic, a female patient is sitting on its other side and from the other side of the dead body, another female patient is making a video of that dead body. The patient woman making the video is saying that …

This dead body belongs to a woman suffering from corona who has been laying here for about 11-12 hours. This deceased woman tortured her life, but no hospital employee came to her, she was thirsty. The woman making the video is saying that the deceased woman had also asked for water from her but due to no safety ie glove, she could not drink water and the woman succumbed. The employees wrapped her dead body in a plastic bag and left it there among the patients in the hospital.

The woman further said that patients were also laying next to her but the employee of this hospital did not attempt to remove the dead body.

This dead body is of corona patient, which can prove very dangerous for other patients. All these things, the woman is speaking in Marathi while recording the video.

After this negligence, Vidya Thakur, Dean of Rajawadi Hospital in Mumbai, said that after the death of a corona patient it takes half an hour to do medical and other formalities as per the rules.

At this time, if the relatives of the deceased come, then they have given the body. If they do not come, then the dead body is kept in the mortuary.

In the meantime, the beds are also taken care of by CCTV and other employees covered by air-tight plastic, subject to the rules. There is no risk involved.

Let me tell you that a similar case came from Sion Hospital in Mumbai a few days ago, where the dead body of corona victims was kept among the patients inside the hospital.

After the video of Sion Hospital went viral, questions were raised about the corona patient and the disorder inside the hospital. The Maharashtra government was also very bad about this matter and the government had also talked about taking strict steps against such hospitals.

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