Dodoma. It would be a little surprising to know, but goat and a particular fruit poppy have also been found corona positive in the East African country of Tanzania, suffering from coronavirus. Their samples were tested with testing kits made in China. After the report came out, President John Magufuli rejected these results and said that the test kit is not correct and should be investigated.

The President said- How positive can be the fruit

The lab was not told that these were fruit, sheep and goat samples. This was revealed after the report came out positive. As of Sunday, 480 cases of corona virus infection have been reported in Tanzania, while 16 deaths have occurred so far. President John Magufuli said- We have got test kits of Coronavirus from China, which are messed up. How can it be that poppy fruit and goat also turn out to be corona positive. Army test kits were tested, because the investigators had collected samples in addition to humans.

The President said – Corona’s herbal medicine ordered

President Magufuli has also said that he has purchased Kovid Organics, a herbal medicine of Kovid-19 from Madagascar. For this, they are also sending a plane. Kovid Organics has been developed by the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research at the Artemisia plant. Its lab testing has not been done yet. Madagascar President André Rajolina said recently that this drug has cured many Kovid-19 patients and that children who are returning to school will be given the medicine compulsorily.

Opposition charges – Government hid death figures

The opposition of Tanzania has accused the government of hiding new cases of infection and the death toll. Opposition parties say that the government has done this to suppress the cases of coronaviruses. Here strict restrictions and lockdowns are not implemented like the rest of the countries. In fact, a video recently surfaced in which the bodies were being buried secretly. After which the discussion intensified that the government was hiding the correct information related to Corona.

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