(Kajal Singh intern journalist): In recent times, the side effects of the group bois locker room, which are the obscene talk of boys made on Instagram, are now coming out.
New Delhi: In recent times, the side effects of Bois porn talk group Bois Locker Room on Instagram have started coming out. The chat of this group on social media was stirred after becoming public. The Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell had to register an FIR and arrest the group’s administrator. This boy is an adult.
Here, the police investigation was going on when suddenly news came that a 17-year-old student of a class outside in a famous school in Gurugram committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of his flat.
Actually, the whole incident is on May 4, when the student of the outside class was active on social media Instagram for quite a while. A normal student suddenly came under stress, after which he jumped from his apartment on the 11th floor and committed suicide.
The student’s family would never have even dreamed that their son could take such a big step. When the family, who lost their son, checked his Instagram account on his mobile phone, they found that a minor girl had made serious allegations against him without any evidence, after which she and the girl’s friends were threatening to tag him.
The student got so much stress due to humiliation by all the people that he committed suicide.
After the case of Boi’s Locker Room in Delhi, the police have also arrested the administrator of that group.
The minor student took such a big decision without thinking about anything, and after finishing his life, he gave his parents the biggest grief of life.
After finding out the truth, the father of the deceased child has given a complaint to the police that those who have associated with the social media Instagram group and the girl who had made unwarranted allegations against their son, should be registered and investigated. Although the police have taken their complaint, no FIR has been filed yet.
However, this incident has nothing to do directly with the bois locker room in Delhi. But this is the first result of the social media mess that emerged from the Bois Locker Room in Delhi.
According to experts, now it is necessary that every parent should keep an eye on their children about how active he/she is on social media, and what he is posting. Because in today’s time social media is uncontrollable.
The family of the deceased student knows that their son will not come back now, but the government should make such a law that these social media platforms can be controlled.

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