(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The bill has been introduced in the US Parliament (Congress) regarding changes in H-1B visa laws. In this, it has been said to give preference to foreign tech professionals studied in America. The bill aims to ensure the safety and better salary of American employees. There are more Indian technology experts working in US companies under H-1B visas.

H-1B visa laws
H-1B visa laws

If the bill takes the form of law, it will be the first time that the American Citizenship and Immigration Service will grant H-1B visas on a priority basis. According to the proposal, educated qualified students in the US have to opt for H-1B visas. Along with this, there will also be an opportunity for those students who have advanced degrees and who are getting more salary.

Which MPs introduced the bill

In the Senate: Chuck Gresley, Dick Durban.

In the House of Representatives: Bill Pascrell, Paul Gosar, Ro Khanna, Frank Palone, and Lance Gooden.

What is the purpose of the bill?

This includes preventing H-1B or L-1 visa holders from replacing American employees. The bill clearly states that hiring an H-1B holder will not have the opposite effect on American workers. In particular, the bill would prohibit companies with more than 50 employees, of which at least half are H-1B or L-1 visa holders. Also, companies that hire additional H-1B employees.

‘Our policies are doing us harm’

Senator Gresley said, “It is unfortunate that some companies recruit employees on low salaries based on our policies that harm Americans.” We need to make policies in which American workers get priority. Our bill takes steps to ensure that programs work for Americans and skilled foreign workers alike. “

What is H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a non-migrant visa. American companies employ technical experts from other countries under this. After an appointment, H-1B visas are sought from the government for these people.

Most of the US IT companies appoint millions of employees from countries like India and China every year through this visa. As per the rule, if the company of an H-1B visa holder has terminated a contract with him, he will have to find a job in the new company within 60 days to maintain the visa status. According to USCIS, the biggest beneficiaries of H-1B visas are Indians.

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