(Kajal Singh, Intern Journalist):
• There has been a record sale of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir.
• Alcohol prices have increased after the lockdown.
Jammu: Despite the increased prices of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir after the lockdown, there have been recorded sales in the first six days of the opening of liquor shops in Jammu.

According to the Excise Department, there have been five times more liquor sales in Jammu before the lockdown.
In the last six days, liquor worth more than Rs 50 crore has been sold in Jammu after the lockdown. It is worth noting that before opening liquor shops in Jammu, the State Excise Department had increased the prices of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir by about 50 percent. After the lockdown, the sales of liquor shops opened in Jammu have been recorded five times more than the average sales before lockdown.

Significantly, after the concessions in lockdown, the Excise Department opened 40 liquor shops in the Jammu division in the first phase, while 73 liquor shops were allowed to open in the second phase. Whereas, five shops were opened on Tuesday.

Despite the opening of only 40 shops in the first phase, liquor sold in Jammu for ten crores. The Excise Department has a total of 12 ranges in Jammu division and at present, the sale of liquor in each range is about 8 crores on an average daily.

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