(Kajal Singh intern journalist): The engine of the aircraft coming from Lahore to Karachi was damaged and the aircraft fell into the residential area. In this accident, 97 people including nine children died.

You can guess what would have happened when the plane had hit the houses with the explosion. Eyewitnesses have described the dreaded scene of the plane crash.

Karachi: Eyewitnesses and rescue workers said that the plane of the first plane collapsed with flames and black smoke, after which the entire plane fell on the ground with a blast. There were 99 people on this plane.
Pakistan Airlines plane (flight number PK 8303) fell on Friday in the Model Colony position residential area near Karachi Airport, killing 97 people including nine children. Within ten minutes of the accident, an ambulance of Idi (NGO) reached the spot.

Recalling the incident, Faisal Idi, the head of the Idi Foundation, said that the narrow streets were filled with damaged cars, aircraft, and the rubble of the demolished building. He said that as the debris of the aircraft was burning in the affected lane, most of the rescue work was done through the roofs of the neighboring houses.
Faisal told that eyewitnesses of the accident said that the debris of the plane collided with the water tank on the roof before falling into a 20-foot lane.

An eyewitness told a news website, “I was walking out of the mosque when I saw that the plane was flying from the very bottom, then it hit the building and the flames and smoke balloon started rising in the air. There was a huge explosion at the time of the accident and when I reached the spot, the debris of the aircraft was burning. “

Kamran, another eyewitness, said, “I reached the spot before the police. I heard a loud explosion and heard someone inside the car pleading for help. I drove a man and woman out of the car. I saw debris, fire, and smoke balloon around there. Three houses were badly damaged. “

Mohammad Uzair Khan, another eyewitness, said, “About four houses have been badly razed, there were fire and smoke.” They are in my neighborhood.

I cannot describe that dreadful scene. “He told that he had left the house after hearing the blast.
Significantly, when the plane was a victim of the accident, it was just some distance from Karachi airport. TV footage showed rescue workers searching for the wreckage of a crashed plane in a densely populated area and several cars on fire.
Many leaders of the world have expressed condolences on this incident, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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