(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met on Sunday to increase the country’s nuclear capability. He appeared in front of people after three weeks. Last time too he had been missing for 20 days, after which there was speculation about his poor health. He did not attend the program on 15 April in memory of his grandfather. This was the first time.

According to the media, Kim led a meeting of the ruling military party’s Central Military Commission on Sunday. Officers wearing masks appeared to welcome him after he arrived. However, Kim or another officer was not seen wearing a mask during the meeting.

Discussion on increasing military capacity

According to the government news agency, the meeting discussed new policies to increase the armed forces, strengthen the military capability, and increase nuclear power. Also, discussions were held to put the strategic armed forces on the high alert operation. However, the agency did not say when the meeting took place.

China said – North Korea – America can start talking soon

In February last year, negotiations on a nuclear deal between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were unsuccessful. Chinese Foreign Minister Wong Yi hoped on Sunday that the US and North Korea could resume talks as soon as possible.

Trump-Kim met 3 times on nuclear disarmament

Trump and Kim had their first meeting in Singapore in June last year on nuclear disarmament in the Korean peninsula. This was followed by a second meeting between the two leaders in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi in February this year which had failed. This was the second summit meeting between the two leaders within a year. While returning from the G20 summit, Trump met Kim in the civilian area of ​​the Korean border.

Not a single case of corona in Korea

North Korea says that not a single case of coronavirus has been reported in the country so far. However, South Korea’s intelligence agency has said that it cannot deny that North Korea does not have an infection.

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