Bangkok / Panaji (Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The whole world is currently confronting Coronavirus. However, even in the midst of this difficult situation, many countries are trying to get their economy back on track. The southeast Asian country Thailand also opened its shopping centers from Sunday with some terms and conditions.

People came out in large numbers after a long time. Most of the exits were seen in masks. Staff serving in salons and spas appeared in other protective gear along with head covers, in addition to masks. So far 2987 people have been infected with Corona in Thailand. 2740 of these have also been recovered.

India: Inattentive people in infection-free Goa

Such a sight was seen on Goa’s Candolim Beach. The people trapped in the lockdown came here for a walk to get relief from the heat. But neither has anyone worn a mask nor has anyone kept a distance. In Goa, hundreds of expatriates work in tourism, the construction sector, nightclubs, etc. The work is stalled due to lockdown. Many people have lost their jobs. Goa became free two weeks ago. There were 7 patients here. They are all fixed.

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