(Kajal Singh intern journalist): “The village weather in your files is rosy, but these figures are false, the claim is bookish.” These lines written by Adam Gondvi fit perfectly to open the claims of the Modi government. Because Modi’s labor minister, railway minister and home minister are missing during the crisis on the workers. But the claims of the Modi government are of the alleged ‘Ramrajya’. But the truth is that helpless laborers are dying in roads, rail tracks and now trains.

Well, this is not the story of any single mother, but such painful and heart-breaking news is coming out from all over the country. Please tell that on Tuesday, 7 people have died due to hunger and thirst due to late trains.
Road, railway tracks, train, and truck fittings are also not safe for poor laborers in the Corona crisis. There are government claims that food is being supplied to everyone.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has left the trains to God. The reality is that the condition of trains has become worse. The train arriving in 2 days is arriving in 8 days.
The indifference of Railway Minister Goyal and the administration could not give food to a mother, due to which the mother died. It can be clearly seen in the video of a mother going viral on social media, that her mother lying unconscious on the platform is trying to raise an innocent child of 2 years.

But what does that child know that now his mother will never be able to feed him milk? Will never be able to pamper her, now that child will have to live in this world without ‘Mamta’. This is the destiny of this child. According to the viral video, the news is from Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

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