(Kajal Singh intern journalist): In the video, a man wearing a jeans shirt is seen hitting a health worker. At the end of the video, at the 11th second, another person is seen rescuing them.
New Delhi: In a video on social media, there is a claim of beating the doctor inside the news channel. This 13-second video is quite viral on social media. Reporter has investigated this claim being made on social media.
In the video, a man wearing a jeans shirt is seen hitting a health worker. The viral video is being claimed that it belongs to a news channel in India, where the employee of the news channel beat the health worker.
While sharing the video from a user account named Neha on Twitter, it was written, “A person in the news channel attacked the doctor. Can we share the video a thousand times before checking the authenticity of the video like news channels.” ” After this, people started sharing this video really as a media house and all kinds of things started being talked about.

The team of News found another video in the investigation. This is a video from China Global Television Network of China. The lines written in Mandarin can also be clearly seen above the video. Our team also got a full share of the viral video in the investigation. In which this person is seen beating the doctor even inside the hospital.
Actually, this is a video of Peking University First Hospital in China. On 22 September 2018, a person was assaulted by a doctor. The man wanted to get his pregnant wife’s cesarean delivery done. When doctors refused to do this, the person beat him up in the hospital.

News channel employee beating doctor
News channel employee beating doctor

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