(Kajal Singh intern journalist): During the lockdown, Nepalese police conducted aerial firing to stop Indian farmers from trying to cross the border.
A Nepal official said on Sunday that these farmers were trying to cross the border to harvest maize.
“Nearly 150 Indian farmers have leased agricultural land in Jhapa district. On Saturday, these people were forcibly crossing this land,” said Uday Bahadur Ramanagara, Chief District Magistrate of Nepal’s Far Eastern District, Jhapa. When these crowds attacked our border post, in response, our border police opened fire. “
However, there is no news of any casualty in this firing.
A local representative of Jhapa Lakshmi Yadav told that the attack took place around 7.30 pm on Saturday evening.
He told that a group of Indians who had been cultivating in the Nepali region had walked towards this during the bandh. The people of the border village tried to send him back.
Yadav said that the contingent of Indian citizens returned after a struggle with the armed police.
Why attack?
Nepal’s Jhapa district is bordered by West Bengal and Bihar in India.
Indian people have been cultivating about 500 bighas of land in Kachnakal and Jhapa villages of Jhapa. Now they have sown maize.
According to local people, they want to come to Nepal even during the bandh, but they are not allowed by the border police.
According to ward president Yadav, Indian citizens attacked the police, saying that they were not allowed to graze cattle in the border area.
What does the administration say?
The Home Ministry has said that the local administration should try to find a solution to the problem of Indian citizens visiting Nepal from time to time.
According to Home Ministry spokesman Kedar Nath Sharma, the problem can be solved by giving identity cards to Indian citizens to do farming.
He said, “This problem has happened many times. If they do not go to the community, then this facility can only be given to them for farming.”
The local administration says that a solution can be found by discussing with India’s equivalent authorities.
Uday Bahadur Ramanagar said that earlier this month, the police had to fire empty cartridges to disperse the crowd of dozens of Indians trying to cross the border in their district.
India Nepal border
The 1850 km long border between Nepal and India is mostly open.
Most of the people living in border areas have been coming across from this side unhindered.
Nepal has sealed its international borders since 22 March due to the epidemic of Kovid-19. Two days later, the lockdown has been implemented at the national level in the country.
According to the news agency AFP, Nepal has increased its vigil in view of increasing cases of corona infection in Indian areas bordering the international border.
The first death due to infection with Coronavirus occurred in Nepal on Saturday.
As of Sunday, 291 cases of infection have been confirmed in the country.

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