(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Mumbai In order to save people from the pandemic during the Corona crisis, the Corona Warriors, ie Mumbai Police, is seen on the front foot. The police are constantly deployed for the safety of the people, not caring about their lives. Today, our policemen who warn people are falling prey to this disease. But his courage is not diminishing anywhere. They are constantly ready to serve the people and that is why they have emerged as the greatest warriors in the Corona era, One such policeman of the Mumbai Police has set an example of humanity which is heart touching. Matunga Police’s Prasenjit Kadam is being discussed a lot today. On Monday, as usual, Prasenjit Kadam was posted at Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT station). A Shramik Express train for laborers from LTT station was going to Tripura Agartala. Many passengers were arriving at the station to return to their homes. Meanwhile, there was also a cancer patient in the crowd who reached the station to go to his house.
This man who reached the station had so much luggage that it was becoming very difficult for him to lift it. The same problem of the patient was not seen with Prasenjit. Prasenjit Kadam, who was on duty, came forward to help the patient. Prasenjit Kadam himself took all the belongings of that patient and took him to the station premises. Not only this, but Prasannajit Kadam also took the cancer patient inside the train by himself. Helping the cancer patient, Prasenjit was very happy. His work is being discussed all around how he helped a poor and sick person and set an example for society.

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