(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist):¬†Lucknow. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi released the video on Thursday. In this, the BJP government has been attacked sharply. Priyanka said- ‘This is the period when all political parties and politicians should forget about mutual differences and come forward and work together. In UP, you (BJP) rejected one thousand of our buses. No problem. I said that you put your banner poster on the buses. We had no problem with that. Claimed to run 12 thousand buses, but they are running only on paper, Did not land on the streets. Look at the government of Maharashtra. There is a terrible form of an epidemic. But, you are trying to topple the government of Maharashtra. Are trying to destabilize. “

Priyanka has made four demands from the central government. She said, ‘Today Congress workers and leaders across the country are raising their voice in favor of those who are most affected by the Corona epidemic. Ten thousand rupees should be added to the account of every needy. The second demand is that for the next six months, seven and a half thousand rupees per month should be sent to the account of every needy. For those migrants who have reached their homes, they should be given 100 to 200 days wages under MGNREGA. For two months, small traders have no industry. Give financial packages to help them, so that they cannot become indebted. They got money in their hands so that they could survive in this difficult period.

‘People of the country are sad, you are silent’

Priyanka said, “I want to make a special request to all political parties, especially BJP leaders. Stop politics, this is not the time for politics. This is the period when all politicians should unite. Their political ideology, We have to help everyone by forgetting the differences. This is a time of cooperation. “

She said, “A son is himself a bull and is walking with the family in a bullock cart. A daughter is riding her father on a bicycle for 600 km. The laborers’ bodies are lying in labor trains. A child’s own mother’s lap Breaking in. A mother’s body is lying on a railway platform, her child is trying to wake her up. A mother of a country is watching that scene. A mother is crying, with that scene Her feelings are attached. Our Mother India is crying, but you are silent. “

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