Coronavirus, a terrible epidemic spread from China, is making its impact on the world. The same effect is seen in India as well, although this coronavirus is only harmful to humans, but this virus has no effect on animals. Even later, this virus is having the same effect on animals as on humans. To prevent the corona virus infection, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi issued a 21-day lock-down, which has now moved forward, in the 21-day lock-down, humans are sitting in their homes, even out of fear. Due to which the animals of the street like cows, dogs etc. are getting hungry, due to which people who are seen outside, they are running to bite them. In such a situation, 2 such students have come out from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, who are understanding the pain of these unique animals, and are giving food to them for two times.A social campaign run by Lucknow students Shivam Singh Rana and Shivani Singh from the social media is very useful, on Instagram and Facebook, by making a page named Magic Paws as a donation, Shivam and Shivani have brought many destitute dogs of the city. He has helped and still he is busy in this work. They believe that for the fulfillment of humans, the government is putting its emphasis, so why we not fulfill the animals whose life is going on from us.If you also want to support Shivam and Shivani in this work, then you can also give donation as per your wish, you will get all information about donation easily on Instagram page.

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