(Kajal Singh intern journalist): There is a ban on any public rally or demonstration in Iran due to coronavirus. In such a situation, Khamnai addressed the country through national TV.
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday targeted Israel, calling it a ‘cancer tumor’. He said during an annual speech in support of the Palestinians, “It will undoubtedly be uprooted and destroyed.” This is seen as a new threat to Iran’s most staunch enemy in the Middle East.
Khamenei gave this speech on the occasion of ‘Quds Day’, during which a large government-backed demonstration in Tehran and other parts of the country is seen. The Arabic name of Jerusalem is ‘Al-Quds’.
Due to this, Khamnai gave a 30-minute speech to the nation, which was broadcast on the government channel. Iran has widely called on protesters to stay indoors due to the Coronavirus epidemic.
During his speech, he several times described Israel as cancer and a tumor. It also criticized the US and Western countries for Israel’s military and other assistance.

Cyberwar between Iran and Israel!
There have been cases of cyber-attack recently between Iran and Israel, which have been embroiled in mutual enmity for a long time. According to Israeli media, many Israeli websites were cyber-attacked and their homepage disappeared.
According to Israeli media, messages and videos threatening the Israelis were posted in Hebrew and English on the homepage. The Israeli media is blaming Iran for this.
At the same time, a few days ago, there was a cyberattack on Iran’s largest port, Shahid Rajai Terminal. According to experts, Israel is behind this.

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