(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Upasana Mohapatra of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, achieved her second IAS dream by becoming 119th rank in 2017. Let us know how worship achieved this success, what was the strategy,

Success Story of IAS Upasana Mohapatra: Everyone has their own story, their own struggles behind becoming IAS. But one thing is common with almost everyone that it takes a lot of hard work for this exam.

Here neither shortcut to success works nor syllabus can be shortened. Yes, Proper Strategy can definitely be planned to gather experience and prepare for the exam. You can achieve success only by sticking to your strategy and time table. At least this is what Bhubaneshwar worships. In today’s story, we read about Mohapatra, worshiped by Bhubaneswar, Odisha, who achieved success in his second attempt in the year 2017 with AIR rank 119.

Early days
Upasana has always been a brilliant student and her marks were the best in almost every class. But this did not mean that she did not participate in sports and other activities. Along with studies, she used to take part in extracurricular activities too. Overall, she was very balanced.

Upasana passed Class 10 from ICSE Board with 96 percent marks. After this, She passed Class 12 from DAV School. After this, She moved to Miranda House, Delhi, from where she was inspired to go to Civil Services. Upasana, while studying physics honors, also hoisted the flags and became one of the college toppers with 91.3 percent marks.

Upasana said in an interview that his father Ashok Mohapatra was a senior journalist in Odisha and mother Sanjukta Mohapatra is a teacher. In this way, there was always a study environment in her house, whose influence has always been on him.

The shortcomings of the first attempt were overcome in the second
Soon after graduation from Miranda House, Upasana started preparing for UPSC. Well, worship is very outgoing, but during the preparation of this exam, she had dedicated herself only to studies. Apart from physical exercises, Upasana cut herself off from everything and was focusing only on preparation.

For the first time, she was not even in pre, but she did not give up and learned from the mistakes of the first year and prepared for the second year. Created a new strategy, took tips from successful people, but curry my mind. Even she advises the candidates preparing for the exam to take motivation, ask for guidance, but ultimately decide what is appropriate for themselves according to their abilities. Never blindly follow anyone.

Considers current affairs very important

Upasana also took some time coaching for preparation, but she says that it is her personal decision whether she wants to study with coaching or without coaching. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. She took one-year coaching for both GS and Optional. She believes that it takes at least a year to prepare for this exam.

It is important that the candidate first understands the syllabus properly and only then plans the next strategy. Always start with the basics and focus heavily on current affairs for the pre-exam. Develop Reading Habit and try to write good answers. Along with this, she also emphasizes reading the newspaper daily.
Upasana says that UPSC is a test of your personality and it takes years to become a personality.

So improve your communication skills, read a lot and do not forget to check newspapers. Success is always achieved by constant effort.

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