Lucknow: Google Map warns Chaudhary Charan Singh (Amausi) Airport about Trees and buildings towering around can pose a danger when planes take off and land. Branches of trees have come up inside the boundary of the airport. This potential threat is not shown by anyone but Google.

The group of trees is clearly shown on the map. Sensing the potential danger, Divisional Forest Officer Lucknow has been immediately asked to prune the trees. However, the forest department remains relaxed at the moment. These facts have been revealed in the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport Management Committee meeting.

The report showed tall poles, high masters and ten tall buildings near the airport. Now the LDA has been asked to reduce the height of the buildings and the Municipal Corporation should remove the high pole and high mast. There are 10 buildings at the eastern end of the airport complex, whose height is a danger to the movement of aircraft. Earlier this building was 11, out of which only one height has been reduced, out of which three building owners have filed an appeal against demolition notice of LDA. The height of seven buildings was to be reduced, but the police could not be found.

The report said that all the slums have become slums at the eastern end of the runway. People living here throw food and garbage, due to which the number of birds is also increasing. Birds being attracted by the garbage around the Chilwan village and the filth of the market that takes three times a week can pose a threat to the planes. Director Airport has been asked to prepare a proposal to acquire land by talking to the Department of Defense Estates.

What is responsible say

Executive Engineer Enforcement LDA Kamaljit Singh said that the date of demolition of the buildings that had become a threat has been set for August 27. Due to the non-availability of the police force, action could not be taken. Divisional forest officer Lucknow Ravi Singh said that there have been reports of trees growing high around the airport boundary. The forest corporation has been asked to prune the trees. It is now being inspected how many trees are there in total.

OSD Airport Authority and Deputy General Manager SK Narayan informed us that there are a large number of trees around the runway of the airport. There was a complaint to the Mandalayukta for the removal of these trees. He sent a team of LDA to the spot. Large trees can threaten aircraft.

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