(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The ongoing political crisis in Afghanistan has been resolved. Here, an agreement has been reached between President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah for sharing power. According to this, Ashraf Ghani will remain the President, while his rival A. Abdullah has been made the head of half the cabinet in the cabinet.

This is the second time that Gani and Abdullah have reached an agreement on partnership in government. Earlier in 2014, both of them have come together. In this time agreement, Abdul Rashid Dostam, the controversial leader and former Vice President of Afghanistan, has been made the head of the army. Abdul Rashid has been charged with political killings, rape, and scams.

Agreement reached under pressure from America

Indeed, President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah had a fight over who won the election last year. Ashraf Ghani had officially won, but Abdullah Abdullah refused to accept it and declared himself president.

This agreement has been reached after pressure from the US, due to which it will now help to increase peace talks between the US and the Taliban. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped a billion-dollar aid to Afghanistan this year. He was angered by the new political crisis that stood in Afghanistan.

There will be peace talks with Taliban under the leadership of Abdullah

As part of the agreement, peace talks with the Taliban will be led by A. Abdullah. With this, he will head the Ministry of Interior, Economic, Justice, Labor and Social Affairs in the Cabinet.

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