Lucknow: Big game has emerged in the treatment of obstetricians at KGMU. Here the budget of Janani Shishu Swasthya Suraksha Yojana has been spent in a no-nonsense manner.

The medicines of the admitted obstetricians were purchased at an expensive price of two to six times. In such a situation, government money has lost millions. This is revealed by a letter written by the doctor of the institute itself.

KGMU’s QueenMary has free delivery facilities. Here, NHM provides funds for the free treatment of mother and child. At the same time, the budget of Janani Shishu Swasthya Suraksha (JSSY) in KGMU is being arbitrarily blown. This was revealed by the verification of bills of patients admitted to the ICU of Critical Care Medicine (CCM).

The Head of Department found a huge difference in the medicines purchased by the patients through Local Purchase (LP). It is claimed that the same medicines could be got from the pharmacy of the Open Hospital Revolving Fund (HRF) in the institute at a cheaper rate.

He took the data of admitted patients for just two months of the year 2018. Audited the bills of 31 obstetricians admitted to ICU. In this, comparing LP drugs with FRF rates, buying two to six times more expensive drugs was busted. While these patients would get medicines worth Rs 10 lakh, 56 thousand 424 from HRF, it was said to buy 16 lakh 62, 750 rupees from LP.

The doctor has written to the Medical Superintendent and other officials. Lakhs in two months, how much doctor’s bills are being subjected to the purchase of questions under LP due to verification of bills in a year. Here a difference of lakhs has been found in the bills of 31 patients in just two months of a unit. At the same time, if the LP of other units and departments is audited for the year-long patients, then the matter is likely to cross crores.

There are medicines for these diseases
Indeed, the condition of many pregnant women admitted to Queen mary becomes critical after delivery. In them, heart failure, renal failure, respiratory failure, bleeding, urine failure, and shock problems occur.

In such a situation, he is admitted to the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Trauma Center. There is also a provision to free women under the treatment scheme here. For these, medicines for the above-mentioned diseases, including antibiotics, were purchased at expensive rates.

What is said that the responsible head of the CCM, Dr. Avinash Aggarwal told that maternity recruitment happens in ICU? Medicines were ordered from his LP. These drugs could be got cheaper from HRF. A letter was written to the institute administration regarding this. According to KGMU spokesperson Dr. Sudhir Kumar, the purchase of medicines is based on the tender.

Only the lowest prices are ensured in it. The doctor’s letter has not been received yet. The case will be investigated. KGMU Finance Officer The deposit said that maternity treatment is done from the budget of NHM. The letter is not known. The case will be investigated.

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