Gwalior: A severe fire broke out in a 3-floor building on Inderganj Roshni Ghar Road in Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh. The building where the fire is has a paint shop under it and a house above it. It is being told that the fire has started in the paint shop below. Seven people of Kedarnath Goyal’s family were trapped in the fire. 2 children have been rescued. 5 people do not know anything. Notice that all have been burnt. It is on fire now as of now 2 have been confirmed dead. At present, efforts to extinguish the fire and rescue operations are going on.

It is being told that the fire is still under control. District magistrates, superintendents of police, and top officials of the administration have reached the spot. It is believed that the death toll can reach 10. However, proper arrangements are being made by the authorities to treat the injured. Simultaneously, the process of post mortem of the dead bodies has been started. The reason for the fire has not been known yet.

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