Lucknow: Judging by Deepak Srivastava’s complaint, Rajarshi Shukla, a judicial member of the District Consumer Forum I, has ordered Sunil Bharti Mittal to give what he had promised to give the tourist package while selling the SIM.

The forum said that the company should give one and a half lakh rupees to the consumer or take a tour to the consumer’s favorite place. The case is in the year 2006. Srivastava took three SIM special offers from Airtel.

The offer was that the company would take a flight to the consumer after three months.

The complainant says that the three SIMs were used in the family and the bills were also paid continuously. According to the offer made by the company, the family made a program to go to Chennai, which was sent to the company with a notice letter, but no response came from the company.

After sending the letter three times, the company canceled his application saying that there is no direct flight from Lucknow. Hence the ticket will be given from Delhi. At the same time, the consumer says that no reservation was available at the said date to reach Delhi. So he could not go to Chennai.

Against this behavior of the company, a complaint was filed in the Consumer Forum for violation of consumer rights. Forum member Rajarshi Shukla, after listening to both the parties, ordered that the company should give one and a half lakh rupees to the consumer or arrange to send and stay at his desired place.

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