(Sandhya Jha Intern Journalist) 
Beijing: On the incidents of the recent clashes with the Indian Army at two places, China said on Monday that its forces are committed to peace in the border areas. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the two countries should try to resolve their differences properly. He said – ‘Chinese forces have always been committed to peace on the border areas. In border matters, India and China work through close coordination and liaison through existing channels.

China said- baseless talk of aggressive attitude
China said- baseless talk of aggressive attitude

Asked whether the incidents on May 5-6 are indicative of China’s aggressive attitude following the spread of the Corona epidemic, the spokesperson said it is baseless to make any assumptions about it. He said that this year India and China have completed 70 years of relations and both countries have joined hands to compete against Corona.

Dismissing the assumption of any change in China’s outlook in the post-Corona environment, Zhao said that we are constantly working together with India. Our approach is collaborative and we will face challenges together. We should not try to politicize the matter or put any stain to promote any attempt to increase differences or create conflict.

The spokesperson said that our position is completely clear on the topic of India-China border. We try to check that the common interests of the two countries are not disturbed or harmed. And there have been incidents of conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the northern region of Ladakh and Sikkim recently. During this time there was a scuffle between the soldiers, in which some soldiers on both sides have been injured. These incidents happened when a Chinese Patrolling Party attempted to enter the Indian border.

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