Carrie Lam said – Hong Kong’s independence is not threatened by proposed legislation from the Chinese Parliament
Critics say that if this law is enacted in Hong Kong, speaking anything against China would fall under the category of crime. There will be a provision for severe punishment for this. Foreign activities in Hong Kong will also be limited.

Carrie said- China wants comprehensive control over Hong Kong

“We don’t have to worry about the Chinese Parliament’s move,” Carrie, chief executive of Hong Kong-controlled China, told reporters on Tuesday. This law should be seen as a broad benefit to the large population of Hong Kong. ‘ This proposal, passed by China’s nominal parliament, is being considered as an indication that the communist government of this country wants extensive control over Hong Kong.
Chinese law has been criticized by many countries including America, Britain, Australia

Last year in Hong Kong, there were large-scale protests in support of democracy. The law has been criticized by many countries including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. In 1997, Britain entrusted Hong Kong to China with the condition that it would preserve the autonomy of the region as well as the independence of its civil, legal, and economic systems.
Relaxation in social distancing rules

Carrie Lam stated that social distancing measures would be relaxed to prevent the corona epidemic. Flights will be restored from June 1. The arrival of foreigners will be stopped now.

Israel did not give contract to the company associated with China

Israel has contracted with local IDE technology to replace Hutchison Water, a company associated with China, to build the largest water-clearing plant in the country. It is believed that this step has been taken regarding Hong Kong. Because of the involvement of China, the main ally of Israel, America could be uncomfortable.

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