Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited (BSNL) has given a great gift to its customers. BSNL has said that its 2G/3G subscribers will easily upgrade to 4G for free. However, this offer is not always, but it is for 90 days only. Let’s know about the 4G SIM card…

Let me first tell you that this offering is for 90days only and it has started on 4th April. This offer is available to all circle.

You can go to any retail stores to take new 4G SIM in returns to your old SIM cards.

There is a condition with the SIM card that you have to do the first recharge of more than 100 rupees, then only 4G SIM will be provided. BSNL is taking the help of companies like Samsung, Ericson, JDTE and Nokia to extend its 4G network services. Company plans to hastily upgrade 50000 towers to 4G network.

It is noted that BSNL has shocked DPIIT recently. This department comes under Commerce ministry has said to restrain from issuing 9000 crores tender of  4G network to Department of telecom (DOT) and BSNL.

According to the Industry and internal trade promotion Department (DPIIT), BSNL’s tender has been alleged to provide an advantage to foreign companies. Telecommunications Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TIPC) has complained that there has been a violation of rules in an issued tender in the month of march of BSNL for providing advantages to foreign companies.

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