Azam’s legislator son Abdullah arrested for the second time in 24 hours, accused of breaking section 144
Rampur. Abdullah Khan, son of SP MP Azam Khan and MLA from Swar-Tanda, was arrested for the second time in 24 hours on Thursday. They are accused of violating section 144 with supporters. Abdullah was arrested at Jawhar University on Wednesday for obstructing government work during the raid in Jawahar University. However, the police had released him on a private ticket late evening.

After this action of police-administration, SP workers arrived on the streets on Thursday. Section 144 is applicable in the area. On the information of the workers coming from Rampur to several districts, the police sealed the boundaries of the district. A party source told that SP President Akhilesh Yadav has asked the workers of Bareilly, Pilibhit, Sambhal, Amroha, Moradabad, and Bijnaur to reach Rampur and perform. Meanwhile, many leaders and MLAs coming from Bareli were detained by the police. More than 20 workers were also detained in Rampur. The security of Azam Khan’s house has been increased. Akhilesh Yadav can also reach Rampur.

Conspiracy to ruin university
After the release of Abdullah, Muhammad Ali Jawahar University with supporters reached and sat on the fence. He said that the administration has decided to ruin this University so that the poor can not get an education. False allegations of theft of books are being made. No book was stolen.

2500 rare books were recovered from the University

Jubair Khan, principal of Rampur Oriental College, had filed a case accusing more than 9,000 books and storing Jauhar University’s library. After this, the Police started investigating the matter from June 16. According to the police, on Wednesday 2500 rare books were recovered from the university. Books are ancient and valuable. This university was founded by Azam Khan.

Law system will deteriorate if it worsens: DM

DM AK Singh of Rampur said that Section 144 is applicable in the district regarding Kawand Yatra and Bakrid. If someone tries to spoil the environment then it will be dealt with strictly. SP Ajay Pal Sharma said that the boundary of the Rampur district has been closed. Every vehicle coming from outside is being checked. 800 policemen have been deployed at different places.

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