(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist)┬áThe new coronavirus binds humans faster than animals, a claim made by Australian scientists in their research. According to the researchers at Flinders University, the infection was studied to find that the ‘spike protein’ of the coronavirus infects the cell more rapidly than the receptor ACE-2 found in humans. The corona is able to penetrate the human cell faster than pangolins and bats.


Easy to infect the same species over and over again

According to researcher and virus expert Nikolai Petrovsky, coronavirus easily infects the species it infects the most. At the same time, it is not easily able to infect any new species. It is shocking that it has already infected a human cell.

‘Looks like it’s perfect to infect humans’

Virus expert Nikolai says that perhaps the virus has infected a human cell before, it may have happened during a lab experiment. Looking at the structure and behavior of this virus, it looks like it is perfect to infect humans.

Carrier not detected yet

According to Nikolai, the most important thing in Corona’s case is that its main carrier has not yet been identified. Such as the Middle East spread through respiratory syndrome (camel) and SARS civet cat. At the same time, the infection of Ebola virus was spread by monkeys, but so far the carrier of corona has not been discovered. Therefore many things are not clear.

More research is needed on the origin of the virus

Nikolai says more research is yet to be done on the origin of coronavirus. Pangolins and bats are believed to be close sources in Wuhan, China, but it is also possible that cross contamination of these two in the lab may cause a new type of virus.

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