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• The new antibody discovered in the rat binds the ACE2 enzyme that allows the new coronavirus to reach humans
• Scientists also looked at the effect of antibodies on SARS and MERS infections with new coronaviruses, the experiment was successful
Copenhagen: Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered antibodies that prevent coronavirus infection. Its name is 47D11. This antibody blocks the spike protein of the coronavirus. The corona binds cells with the same spike protein to spread infection in the body. After infecting the cells, the virus starts increasing its numbers and gradually the condition becomes fragile. Netherlands Utrecht University searching for antibodies has discovered 47D11 antibody in an experiment on mice.
Will prove effective in treatment
During the research, it was found that when 47D11 antibody is present in mice cells, it catches and blocks the protein of the corona and prevents infection by eliminating its effect. The researchers say, this new discovery will prove particularly helpful in the treatment of corona patients.
It was extracted from 51 antibodies in the rat
Researchers injected spike proteins of different coronaviruses into rat cells in the lab. The coronaviruses used also included SARS-CoV2, SARS, and Mars viruses. Researchers isolated 51 antibodies of the rat that defeated the corona. Of these, only 47D11 antibodies were successful in preventing infection.

Neutralizes corona’s dangerous proteins
Researchers say that if this antibody is delivered in humans, it will change the way infection occurs. This will prevent the virus from spreading from an infected person to a healthy person. They claim that it will neutralize the infection of the new coronavirus.

Will prove effective on both coronaviruses
Researcher Professor Bernand-Jane Bosch claims that this antibody will prevent infection of both coronaviruses (SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV2). Apart from this, due to corona, cases coming in the future will be reduced. This antibody binds the ACE2 enzyme, which helps the new coronavirus reach humans.

What is antibody
These are special types of immune cells made of proteins called B-lymphocytes.

Whenever any external thing (foreign bodies) reaches the body, they are alerted. These antibodies neutralize the toxins of bacteria or viruses. In this way, they neutralize the effect of all kinds of microbes by giving immunity to the body.

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