(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) Jayram is a resident of Sundakatte who was a daily wager. His wife was suffering from blood cancer, and a few days left in her hand. They came to know about it in November 2019. She was under treatment at HCG Hospitals. 15 days before her death she was tested COVID negative. On 25th, she was in pain, so they rushed to the HCG Hospital, but the Hospital refuse the treatment and told to shift her to ESI hospital, On her way to ESI hospital she died and the doctor at ESI Hospital told they ‘have to do the COVID test as she has in Contracted to COVID, then only they can release her body and the result will come out in 3 days, then only they can handover the body’.

He has been waiting for her body to bid his last goodbye at the ESI Hospital, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore since 9 am sharp hoping to see his wife’s body till 6 am every day, but never get closure. On Wednesday the hospital told them they will handover the body but the BBMP ambulance was booked and he returns back to his home with broken heart.

Now whenever a Bureaucrat or Politician says that everything is under control or preparation has been made do remind of Jayram. Jairam needs justice for his wife to bid his wife a last goodbye.

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