Lucknow: Emergency of Lohia Institute (Hospital) will start in full flash soon. Authorities have stepped up the exercise regarding this. As per the plan, there will be a new emergency of 90 beds.

It will have 30 beds of Neuro Trauma. Lohia Hospital will be merged with the Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences soon. In such a situation, the institution of 350 beds will have 467 beds and hand over. At the same time, a new emergency will start in the hospital itself.

These doctors will remain in the emergency, doctors of medicine, surgery and orthopedic will be posted in the emergency. These doctors will transfer concerned patients to different departments within 24 hours.

At the same time, the staff of Neuro Trauma will be different. The emergency ward will be in three zones Emergency ward will be in three zones. In this, there will be very serious patients in Red Zone, serious people in the Yellow Zone and patients out of danger in the Green Zone. These patients will also get relief Emergency services will be provided to patients of all departments including Cancer, Urology, Gastroenterology, Gastrosurgery, Nephrology, General Surgery.

Apart from this, Emergency will also be run by Gini & Obs and Pediatric. According to Dr. DK Singh, Head of the Department of Neuro Surgery, these patients will get treatment for 24 hours.

Emergency cases of neuro-trauma, aneurysms, spinal injury, stroke, and brain tumors will be operated. The department has a total of four faculty and six SRs. Chief Minister gave instructions

According to the institute’s director, Dr. AK Tripathi, the Chief Minister has given instructions to start the facility of Neuro Trauma soon. In such a situation, a plan is being prepared to run an emergency. After the merger, the treatment facility will be started in all departments 24 hours as soon as the hospital is found.

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