(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Australia and the European Union (EU) Corona have called for an unbiased investigation into the World Health Organization (WHO) response to the pandemic. 62 countries including India have supported it. A resolution to this will be placed at the 73rd meeting of the World Health Assembly. This meeting will start from today. The proposal also calls for an investigation into WHO’s actions to curb the corona and the deadline set for it.

The proposal states that member countries be included in the investigation. In consultation with these countries, a phased process should be adopted along with the existing system for investigation. What experience gained from the work done internationally to combat the epidemic needs to be reviewed. The World Health Assembly is part of the WHO itself.

Which countries supported the proposal

The major countries supporting the investigation proposal, presented with the support of the European Union, include Japan, Britain, New Zealand, South Korea, Brazil, and Canada. The World Health Assembly will meet this time through video conferencing in view of Corona. On behalf of India, it will include Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Two days after this meeting, there will be a meeting of the Executive Board of WHO on 22 May. In this, India will be made the head of the board deciding the WHO decision.

Australia is the first country to demand an investigation

Australia is the first country to have sought to investigate how the corona spread worldwide. Australian Foreign Minister Maris Penn took up this matter last month. He said that the outbreak investigation would help to better prevent the next epidemic internationally and keep its people safe. I think that allowing the WHO to investigate the corona outbreak is like handing over the hunt to the hunter.

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