(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Railway Board President Vinod Kumar Yadav said that from May 1, 2,600 laborers special trains have completed their journey. Through this, more than 35 lakh passengers have been transported to their destination.

New Delhi: Ministry of Railways addressed a press conference on Saturday. Railway Board President Vinod Kumar Yadav said that in the next 10 days, 36 lakh migrants will travel by special trains.

Railways have asked the states to state their needs. So far more than 2600 special trains have been run and more than 35 lakh migrants have been transported to their destination.

Vinod Kumar Yadav said that Shramik Special trains had started from May 1. Free food and drinking water are being provided to all the passengers. Along with this, the correct protocol of social distancing and cleanliness is being followed at the stations and stations.

On the Bihar-bound train going to Odisha, he said, “80 percent train has run including UP and Bihar. There is pressure on this network. When there is a traffic jam on the road, many times we reach fast by going on a long route.

Constant decisions are being taken about every train. The decision was taken on the basis of operations on the route. This is a standard protocol. When there is a lot of traffic on one route, it is taken from another route. ”With this, he said that 17 hospitals of the railway have been converted into Covid-19 patient care hospital.

200 trains will run daily in the country from 1 June. The chairman of the Railway Board said that barring only 10-12 trains out of 200, places in the remaining trains are still vacant. On abolition of exemption by the railways, he said that in the case of senior citizens, we want to travel only for those who are required.

Ticket booking has started for 200 trains. It is important for passengers to know that it is mandatory to put masks in these trains and keep the Arogya Setu app in mobile.

Passengers will have to reach the station one and a half hours before the train starts. Only asymptomatic passengers will be able to travel. Those who will be prevented from traveling due to corona symptoms will have their ticket full refunded.

The stops on these trains will be like normal trains. This will also benefit laborers and ordinary people who were not able to board AC special trains due to a lack of stops.
100 pairs of trains starting 1 June
• From New Delhi station – 17 trains will run and 3 other trains will pass, i.e. they will have stops here.
• From Nizamuddin station – 9 trains will run, 1 stoppage will be done.
• From Anand Vihar station – 5 trains will run.
• From Old Delhi station – 2 trains will run, 2 stops will be there.
• Delhi Sarairohilla Station – 1 train will run.
• From Lucknow Junction station – 15 trains will run, 2 stops will be.

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