the most amazing view will be seen in the sky
the most amazing view will be seen in the sky

A wonderful astronomical event will be seen in the sky tonight. Comet Swan will pass through the Earth’s atmosphere with blue light. Please tell that this comet appears only once in 11597 years. This view will be seen on Saturday night. This incident can also be seen without a telescope.

Comet Swan will pass near the Earth with its 10 million miles long glowing tail. People living in the southern hemisphere of the earth will be able to see this magnificent view well. However, people living in the Northern Hemisphere can also see this view in the early morning near the horizon. India is in the Northern Hemisphere, so people here will be able to look in the east direction in the morning.

Regarding this comet, the European Space Agency said that it is now 53 million miles from Earth. The closer it gets, the more beautiful the view will appear. This comet is composed of particles of ice and dust. Currently, this comet is moving rapidly from south to north. It is arriving in the Danger Zone. As it approaches the Sun, the threat to its existence will increase. On May 27, this comet will be closest to the Sun. At that time solar heat will also be at its peak. If this comet escapes from the Sun, its light will be sharper.

The comet was discovered in April by Australian astronomer Michael Mattiajo. While viewing data from NASA’s Solar Heliospheric Observatory, he had seen an image of it in the Soho Solar Wind Anisotropis Instrument. It was given the name Swan by Michael. Explain that a machine called SWAN is used to detect hydrogen in space.

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